Quick and easy perforating
Highest quality perforating tools

Estyma specializes in production of perforating tools. Many years of experience and high quality products guarantee reliability, durability and precision of use. We manufacture perforating tools for:

  • machines produced in Estyma – avaliable from our stock,
  • machines produced by other companies – made on order.

Our tools are produced only from best types of steel offered by BÖHLER and UDEHOLM.

Tools to meet your needs

Standard tools of 3:1 pitch are avaliable in 135,47mm long segments. Tools of 2:1 pitch are avaliable in A4 size. All the tools can be joined depending on the type of perforation needed. They are avaliable with either round or square holes.

Below you will find examples of perforation:

Tools produced in our company guarantee long-life durability and efficiency, thanks to high quality BÖHLER and UDEHOLM steel used in production process. Basic offer consists of 135,47mm long segments (5,33”) and 292,10mm (A4). Segments can be joined in any sequence to build a particular tool made for your needs. Estyma can produce any kind of tool on order.
  1. Segment perforating tools – 1/3” pitch , L=135,47mm

1.1 Round holes ∅4 mm.

Segment 01 – holes ∅4, 1/3″ order no. 00 11

1.2 Round holes ∅4 plus ∅18 hole for hanger.

Segment 02 – holes ∅4, ∅18, 1/3″ order no. 0012

1.3 Round holes ∅4 plus cut for euro hanger.

Segment 03 – holes ∅4, EU, 1/3″ order no.0013

1.4 Square holes 4 mm.

Segment 04 – square 4 mm, 1/3″ order no.0014

1.5 Square holes 4mm plus ∅18 hole for hanger.

Segment 05 – square 4mm, ∅18, 1/3″ order no.0015

1.6 Square holes 4mm plus cut for euro hanger.

Segment 06 – Square 4mm, EU, 1/3″ nr zam. 0016

Take a look at some of the possible combinations of segments:

Tools of 1/3” pitch are produced into short segments, which can be joined in any sequence. By buying new additional segments, you can expand possibilities of perforating and at the same time cut costs using one tool.

  1. Segment perforating tools ½” pitch, L:292,10mm

2.1 Round holes ∅6 mm.

Segment 07 – holes ∅6, 1/2″ order no.0017

2.2 Square holes 6 mm.

Segment 08 – square 6mm, ½” order no.0018

  1. Custom made tools


Estyma provides highest quality of its machines, devices and various products such as double loop spirals for calendars and a wide range of hangers. Our services also include calendar, paper pad and poster binding.

In the market since 1989.





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