Hangers for multi-page calendars

Our calendar hangers are produced from high quality tinned steel wire, 2,00 mm in diameter. They owe their unique quality to a specially designed process of nylon coating and our innovative hanger forming machine. We offer hangers in lengths from 70 mm to 500 mm.

Wide range of colours

Calendar hangers are avaliable in: black, white, silver, red, blue, gold, yellow and green.

Easy application

Thanks to our uniquely designed packing method, hangers can be easily and quickly applied into binding machine feeders. Avaliable in boxes of 1000 pieces.


TypeHanger length
L-7070 mm70 mm80 mm
L-100100 mm100 mm110 mm
L-150150 mm150 mm160 mm
L-200200 mm200 mm210 mm
L-250250 mm250 mm260 mm
L-300300 mm300 mm310 mm
L-350350 mm350 mm360 mm
L-400400 mm400 mm410 mm
L-450450 mm450 mm460 mm
L-500500 mm500 mm510 mm