Wobbler arms – PVC wobblers

Estyma produces wobblers based on our own original production process. We offer highest quality product at incomparably low prices.

Wobblers are produced from high quality transparent double-sided PVC foil with self-adhesive tape fixed to arm ends for standard surfaces (PET wobbler). Avaliable also with self-adhesive double sided foam tape (SPEC wobbler) used for rough surfaces.

Avaliable types of wobbler arms:

  • Type 015/100 – the lightest wobblers
  • Type 025/170 – light wobblers
  • Type 030/200 – heavy wobblers
  • Type 030/160 – the heaviest wobblers

If you are unsure which option to choose, we are ready to help.


Price list of standard arms of the wobbler (self-adhesive PET tape)
TypePrice per 1000 pcs.
Type PET 015/10085zł
Type PET 025/17095zł
Type PET 030/16095zł
Type PET 030/200105zł

Price list:

Price list of special arm of wobbler (self-adhesive white foam tape)
TypePrice per 1000 pcs.
Type SPEC 025/170120zł
Type SPEC 030/160120zł

The prices quoted are net prices to which VAT is to be added. For orders of less than 1000 units, the amount of preparatory work is PLN 10.